Are You Getting Enough Iron in Your Diet

Iron deficiency is most commonly associated with women it is a health issue that also affect men.  Not getting enough iron in your diet leads to anemia, the good news is that it is completely curable.  Low iron levels come from a poor diet or the body’s inability to absorb it from the food that you eat.  When you become anemic you have fewer red blood cells than a healthy person.  Red blood cells are what carry oxygen around your body.

Signs of Anemia

The symptoms of anemia will vary depending on the severity, moderate anemia comes with very few signs.  However you should watch out for brittle nails, soreness of the tongue, frequent canker sores around your mouth and if you have any unusual cravings for things like ice.  Here are some of the more common signs of anemia in men.

Treating Iron Deficiency

Treating iron deficiency will depend on how severe your condition is.  Ideally anemia is treated so that you have enough red blood cells and hemoglobin in your body.  Here is how you can treat anemia.

  • Change Your Diet: This is the easiest and quickest way of treating anemia.  Start with eating more red meat, if you follow a vegan diet then you want to consume more spinach, peas and lentils.
  • Supplements: If your iron deficiency is more severe and diet isn’t enough it may be combined with supplements.  When you start taking iron supplements you are also going to have to take Vitamin C at the same time.  Vitamin C is necessary for you to absorb iron supplements.
  • Transfusions: This is used when the disease is severe and you require regular blood transfusions. You are given an IV line and that is how the transfusion is done.  Most often this is used when someone who is also iron deficient and at risk of a heart attack.
  • Iron Fusions: This is another treatment for severe cases of anemia, usually when the body is unable to absorb iron from food or supplements.  The iron is administered directly into your bloodstream.

How Much Iron Do You Need

The levels of iron you need will differ between men and women, with women needing more.  For adult men under 50 you need to get at least 8mg of iron every day.  Women will need more than twice that amount at 18mg per day.  Iron is crucial to your overall health it helps your blood oxygenate your muscles so make sure that it is a regular part of your diet.