Why Fad Diets are so Bad for You

You see the ads all over the television, billboards and in magazines where someone lost a crazy amount of weight in a short amount of time and they did it painlessly.  There are plenty of diets and weight loss products that make outrageous claims encouraging you to buy their products.  They prey on overweight men and women looking for a quick fix towards the body they have been dreaming of.  Aside from trying to get your hard earned money from why are fad diets so bad for you.

Short Term Results

The problem with fad diets is that they work.  If you follow their advice the chances are good that you will lose weight.  You make drastic changes to your eating habits and drop a fair amount of weight.  The only problem is that it doesn’t last.  You put the weight back on almost as quickly leaving you frustrated and back at square one.

Lack of Nutrition

Most of these “lose weight quickly” diets cut your calorie intake so severely that you aren’t getting enough nutrition.  Cutting back to 1200-1500  calories per day might be manageable yet many men still find this difficult.  You typically don’t last on these diets for very long because they are too hard to sustain.  You need a balance of fruit and vegetables, carbs and proteins in your diet.  Cutting out one food group altogether risks you losing out on much needed nutrients.

Long Term Health Issues

Some diets recommend that you only stay on them for a short period of time, an example of this would be any of the “cleanses” or “juice fasts”, all of these should set off alarm bells when you hear them.  Generally that means it is difficult and dangerous to your health.  A sensible and healthy wealthy loss plan will start you out with small changes shifting you towards eating healthier.  Dramatic weight loss may sound appealing but long term, permanent weight loss doesn’t work that way.

Obesity is a far too common problem in our society and most people don’t want to make the commitment required to take off all of the excess weight.  Fad diets offer you all kinds of promises that you want to hear, unfortunately they don’t deliver.  Losing is a marathon and not a sprint, it doesn’t happen overnight.  You need to start my making small changes that will stick over time. Start by cutting out the junk food and sugars.  Start by getting some exercise, even something as simple as going for a walk.  Save yourself the money that many of these diet programs are going to charge you and just start by making small changes.