Trying to Eat Healthy When You Travel

One of the hardest aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is eating healthy while travelling. You have less control of the choices available and there’s so much temptation out there! You’ll also be having a really good time and dining out, so you won’t feel the calories you’re tucking in, which is probably not ideal if you were also planning of showing off your beachbody while on vacation.

So, what can you do to eat healthy while travelling?

  1. Read up on the dishes of your destination.

If you’re travelling abroad, it’s good to read up on the dishes of your destination. Not just to impress your local hosts, but also for that waist line. It’s important especially for places like Italy which is every tourist’s food paradise and where it’s very easy to stock up on those calorie dense pizzas!

Look for traditional dishes that are rich in fresh vegetables, lean meat or fatty fish. In Italy for example, opt for dishes like Minestrone soups, Grilled fish and vegetables and mussels. Steer clear of the alfredo pastas and lasagnes.

There are also handy apps available such as EatWell Europe which has an extensive food guide to European grocery stores, eateries and cafes.  You might also want to research on restaurant menus and scope out ones that are specifically known to be health conscious.

  1. Stock up on those snacks

One of the best ways to stop yourself from derailing from your diet is to pack healthy snacks. Pack little Ziplock bags with healthy, protein-filled snacks like nuts and jerky. You could also try roasting legumes like chickpeas and lentils which are incredible sources of protein as well as minerals like iron and calcium which are hard to get when you’re on the go. The protein rich snacks will keep you satiated and prevent hunger pangs.

  1. Skip the airplane meals

No one likes airplane food. So, why not just bring your own? Try bringing oatmeal or soup cups with you so you only need to ask the flight attendant for hot water. It will save you money on those overpriced, unhealthy airplane snacks too.

  1. Get yourself a portable blender

If you’re a smoothie person who enjoys fresh smoothies without breaking your wallet, you could invest in a small portable blender. They are lightweight and USB-chargeable. All you’d need to do is go to the grocery store or farmers’ market and get the fresh ingredients. It will save you trips to fancy, overpriced healthy smoothie places.

  1. Book a place with a small kitchen unit

If you’re really, really committed to your diet, you could try cooking on your own while travelling. Book accommodation that comes with a kitchenette and save yourself from being ripped off at tourist hot spots and probably won’t get food poisoning either!