Erectile Dysfunction as an Indicator of Heart Disease

Mar 31, 2015 |

Erectile dysfunction, also referred to as “ED”, occurs more often than people may realize. Those men affected may feel a sense of inadequacy, stress or embarrassment as a result. This false sense of shame is completely unwarranted, however, since a simple doctor’s visit can bring significant improvement. It’s also important to know that erectile dysfunction can be an early warning sign of another condition, such as diabetes or heart disease.

A recent study by Australian researchers has confirmed this assumption. Even if only slight erectile dysfunction occurs, this can be an early indication of cardiovascular disease. The patient himself is completely unaware of heart health issues in many cases and focused only on the erection problem. As it turns out, erectile dysfunction is in direct proportion with the risk of suffering a heart attack or other heart or vascular disease.

The study took place over several years and involved a nearly 100,000 men who were at an age of about 45. The subjects gave general information about their health, but also to life circumstances and their erectile dysfunction as well. At the same time these men were tested for heart problems. The results of this study are compelling. Even very small level of erectile dysfunction can be a sign of an impending heart disease.

The men who were not treated as though a cardiac problem existed, but complained of severe erectile dysfunction were found to be at a much greater risk of getting heart disease. Men with erectile dysfunction also died earlier on average than men who did not have problems in this area. Prior to this study, an association of erectile dysfunction with possible heart disease was suspected; however, these observations have now been confirmed.

The erectile dysfunction is – as scientists stress – not the cause of heart disease, but a warning of the possible existence of disease. Erectile dysfunction is diagnosed when a man cannot achieve more than a 70% erection over a period of at least six months, which leads to unsatisfactory sexual intercourse. The urgent need for a medical consultation is crucial, since erectile dysfunction could be a warning sign of a possible heart disease. In light of this new information, there should no longer be reason to feel embarrassed. In many cases, those affected can be helped by a targeted treatment from a doctor.

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