Cardiology Health Basics

How ATP Improves Cardiovascular Health

Oct 16, 2017 |

Dr. Eliezer Rapaport discusses how ATP positively influences heart health and blood flow.

Help Toward A Healthy Lifestyle

Jun 29, 2017 |

The two domineering factors in a healthy lifestyle are nutrition and exercise. The word diet is irrelevant as a solution, since diet almost implies a temporary solution. By maintaining a healthy weight and a low BMI, we can avoid problems associated with being overweight. With an ideal body weight, energy comes naturally in most cases. […more]

Is it Possible to Reverse Heart Disease?

Apr 29, 2017 |

In this video with Dr. Josh Axe, he discusses the true causes of heart disease, and provides a step-by-step course of action you can take to not only prevent heart disease, but to actually reverse it.

Pericarditis Causes and Symptoms

Jan 30, 2017 |

An inflammation of the connective tissue of the heart’s protective layer can have many causes. The pericardium (peri = around; card = heart-related) surrounds the heart muscle as a protective sheath of connective tissue. It consists essentially of two layers, with only the inner firmly adhering to the outside of the heart muscle, thus being […more]

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Aug 29, 2016 |

There are many benefits that stem from aerobic exercise. Fitness experts recommend that you exercise aerobically for 20-30 minutes, at least 3 days a week. This exercise goal can be achieved by low or high impact exercise, organized or unorganized sports, and either all at once or distributed throughout the day. But the positive effects […more]

Myocarditis Causes

Feb 23, 2016 |

Inflammation of the heart can have various causes. Because the heart is a muscle, The technical term for inflammation of the heart is called myocarditis. Myocarditis can both start and run differently. The reason is in most cases a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. Heart inflammation often occurs after a bout with the […more]

Angina Pectoris: Definition and Symptoms

Aug 27, 2015 |

Angina pectoris occurs when the heart muscle is no longer supplied with enough oxygen. There is a distinction between stable and unstable angina pectoris. In an angina attack, there is a temporary shortage of oxygen to the heart. This angina attack may last a few seconds, or continue for several minutes. Stable angina pectoris is […more]

Atherosclerosis: Causes and Treatment

Apr 24, 2015 |

Atherosclerosis is a hardening and narrowing of the arteries (which are the blood vessels that transport away the blood from the heart) occuring over years or decades. The narrowing of the arteries causes decreased blood flow to organs and body parts. Despite decades of research today we still do not know exactly why atherosclerosis occurs. […more]

Endocarditis: Causes and Symptoms

Feb 23, 2015 |

An inflammation of the connective tissue endocardium is usually the result of a bacterial infection. It often affects children and adolescents and can lead to serious heart valve damage. The endocardium (Endo = inside, and kard = heart-related) is the connective tissue structure of the heart interior and also forms the heart valves. By the […more]

Recognizing the Symptoms of a Heart Attack

Feb 18, 2015 |

Contrary to popular belief, a heart attack is not always readily apparent when it occurs. The typical symptoms of heart attacks do not occur in all cases, and occasionally a myocardial infarction remains completely unnoticed. Of these non-standard heart attack symptoms women are more often affected than men. It’s important to recognize all the signs […more]