Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Aug 29, 2016 |

There are many benefits that stem from aerobic exercise. Fitness experts recommend that you exercise aerobically for 20-30 minutes, at least 3 days a week. This exercise goal can be achieved by low or high impact exercise, organized or unorganized sports, and either all at once or distributed throughout the day. But the positive effects derived from those 20-30 minutes will benefit your body in many ways and will prove to be time well-spent.

Here’s a list of just a few benefits that can be gained from regular aerobic workouts:

1. Strengthens the immune system

Regular and moderate aerobic exercise boosts the immune system and thus effectively protects against diseases that prevent you from regular and intensive training.
But beware: too intense workouts can have the opposite effect. Of course, the frequency and intensity depend on your personal training level.

2. Strengthening the heart muscle and the cardiovascular system

The heart as the engine of our body can grow through endurance training to twice its size and thus greatly improve its performance. Resting heart rate in trained people is lower compared to untrained people, which has a low workload on the heart at rest result. During physical activities this can have a powerful effect because of the heart’s capability to pump more blood through the body.

3. Improvement of oxygen and nutrients to the cells

Capillaries are terminal branches of the main blood vessels, and constitute the largest part of the vascular system. Endurance training leads to better capillarisation, which ensures your muscles are supplied with more oxygen and nutrients. This is done by creation, extension, or development of existing static capillary.

4. More effective fat metabolism

Regular aerobic exercise can help burn more fat quicker through a more effective fat metabolism. It therefore helps with losing fat and keeping a constant low body fat content for good muscle definition.

5. Speeds muscle recovery

Aerobic training can is not only a form of active recreation but can actually accelerate the regeneration of stressed muscle tissue due to weight training. In order to produce such benefits, endurance training should be carried out at low intensity so that metabolic end products such as lactate (lactic acid) degrade faster and are not produced more.
Due to the increased recovery rate you can then go into training more quickly.

6. Positive impact on the psyche

With endurance training your brain is better supplied with blood and endorphins are released. This is especially true with outside workouts as being in the fresh air (a forest run, for example) can make a good start to the day. Even during a diet phase negative states of mind can be controlled by the release of endorphins.


In summary it can be stated that aerobic exercise has a lot of positive effects on the overall organism. The amount you do should be adjusted depending on your goals and body type.

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